Tuesday, December 12, 2017

It's a Celebration! Quince Orchard Library Is Reopening.

10:00 AM

Welcome and introductions by David Dise, Director, Department of General Services

Remarks by:
Ike Leggett, County Executive
Sidney Katz, Councilmember, District 3
George Leventhal, Councilmember-At-Large
Anita Vassallo, Acting Director, Montgomery County Public Libraries
Dawn Fairbanks, President, Friends of the Library, Quince Orchard Chapter
James Stewart, Branch Manager, Quince Orchard Library

After six long months, it has finally happened. The Quince Orchard branch will reopen this coming Saturday, December 16th at 10 AM.

Many improvements have been made over this period of time:
  • Completely redone public restrooms 
  • New bike rack 
  • New lounge furniture 
  • New lounge area 
  • New luxury tile flooring in the meeting room 
  • Complete recarpeting of the branch 
  • New signage 
  • New reading room furniture
  • New information and checkout service desks that are adjustable and close together to provide better service.  
Here are some photos that show a few of the enhancements:
Comfortable reading chairs gathered in a semicircle
Central Lounge Area

Tables and chairs in the children's area.
Children's Computer Area

New tables and chairs in the adult computer area
New Computer Stations

Quiet Room Study Tables
Quiet Room Study Tables

Comfortable reading chairs at the entrance of the library.
Lounge Area at Entrance

Study tables in the refreshed quiet study room
Quiet Room Study Tables

New Reading Tables
New Reading Tables

New Self-Checkout Stations
New Self-Checkout Stations

Read alcove next to a large window
Alcove Reading Area
Please join us for our reopening on Saturday at 10 AM. We will have music all day long. Plan to stay to browse new materials that arrived at the branch while it was closed for the refresh and to enjoy refreshments, courtesy of the Friends of the Library, Quince Orchard chapter. We have shelves full of materials just waiting for you to checkout after the ceremony and ribbon cutting are complete. 

Welcome back! 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Progress to Date

Much progress has been made since the last posting. The new furniture for the building will be delivered late in November. Staff will be returning next week to Quince Orchard from the branches to which they have temporarily been relocated during the refresh process. The staff workspace has been completely redesigned. Quince Orchard library staff will begin stocking the shelves and setting up the service desks in preparation for reopening the branch.

The current estimate is that the Quince Orchard branch will open in mid-December. Please watch the library website for the official announcement of the grand reopening date.

Here are a few of the many new improvements to look forward to once we reopen:
  • The public restrooms have been completely redone. 
Restroom baby changing station, showing new wall and floor tile
Restroom baby changing station, showing new wall and floor tile
  • The circulation and information service desks have been relocated to be closer together and to provide enhanced coordinated services to the public.
Combined Information and Circulation service desks, showing new carpeting
Combined information and circulation service desks, showing new carpeting.
  • The interior of the library has been completely repainted, with new carpet and tile floors.  
New carpet tiles in main library
New carpet tiles in main library

New tile floor in the branch meeting room
New tile floor in the branch meeting room
  • The exterior of the branch and the grounds and parking lot have been refurbished
Bench with new bike rack at branch entrance
Bench with new bike rack at branch entrance
    We think our customers will love the results of the refresh and are looking forward to opening and serving you in the near future.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Progress Made Since the Last Update

Plans are being made for new signage that will delight those who use the Quince Orchard Library once we reopen.

As indicated in the last post, much work has been done to refurbish the exterior building, parking lot and grounds.  Cracked concrete has been replaced, new parking space lines have been painted, and repairs have been made to the outside of the building and to the stonework in the entrance columns.

Work being done on the exterior of the Quince Orchard Library
Work being done on the exterior of the Quince Orchard Library

The new book drop for the branch has arrived and is awaiting installation by the construction contractor.

Boxed Kingsley book drop ready to be installed
Boxed Kingsley book drop has arrived

The new height adjustable circulation and information desks have arrived and have been installed.  There are stations for three staff members to serve the public at the circulation desk and two stations at the information desk.  The new service desks are next to each other and are welcoming and bright.

New Circulation Desk has been installed
New Circulation Desk has been installed

New Information Desk has been installed
New Information Desk has been installed

Height-adjustable furniture to support the branch's two self-charge machines arrived and has been installed.  This should allow for much more flexible use of the self-charge machines, no matter the height of the individual.

Height-adjustable Self-Charge Machine tables
Height-adjustable Self-Charge Machine tables

The new door for the Discovery Room (the doorway was relocated to create a branch storage space area) arrived without glazing and will be replaced with one that has a glass window.

Discovery Room door to be replaced
Discovery Room door to be replaced

The branch large meeting room has been enhanced with a motorized room divider.  The room divider has been installed and will enable staff to subdivide the large meeting room so that two smaller groups can use the space.  One of its safety features is that it will require two people, one on either side of it, to operate the switches, providing visibility on both sides..

Meeting Room Divider in its housing
Meeting Room Divider in its housing

Meeting Room Divider partially opened
Meeting Room Divider partially opened

The motorized shades arrived and have been installed in the large meeting room and in the lounge area at the front of the building.  The electronic feature will permit staff to raise and lower the shades depending on lighting conditions.

New motorized shades in the lounge area
New Motorized Shades in the lounge area

All of the fluorescent light in the building will be replaced by LED lighting.  This will produce more cost efficient light that will be brighter and more effective in the reading, book stack and work areas.

Old fluorescent lighting on the left, new LED lighting on the right
Old fluorescent lighting on the left, new LED lighting on the right

Another great addition, near the front entrance, is the colorful and cheerful "BOOKS" bike rack, which replaces our previous "wave"  bike rack.

New bike rack for customers
New bike rack for customers

As you can see, there is much to be excited about as we approach the reopening of the Quince Orchard Library, refreshed and raring to go!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Painting Done - Carpeting Underway!

Painting has now been completed in the public areas of the library, including the steel supporting columns that line the main walkway through the library. The meeting room and public restrooms are the only public areas where painting remains to be done. Painting of the staff work room has been completed as well. 

Steel support columns with new carpeting under branch skylight
Steel support columns with new carpeting under branch skylight

Painting steel columns
Painting steel columns
Carpeting of the main library, the Discovery Room, the Quiet Room, and staff work room has largely been completed.

New Discovery Room Carpet
New Discovery Room carpet

Carpet Used in Quiet Room and Main Library
Carpet used in quiet room and main library

New Carpet in Children's Area
New carpet in children's area

New Carpet in Library Work room
New carpet in library work room

Carpet in Library Alcove
Carpet in library alcove

Vinyl composition tile (VCT) has been laid in the lobby, the meeting room kitchenette and the storage closet. 

Looking toward retiled refurbished lobby and front entrance
Looking toward retiled refurbished lobby and front entrance
New Vinyl Tile, Meeting Room
New vinyl tile, meeting room

The flooring selected for the refurbished library meeting room is luxury vinyl tile (LVT).  This flooring permits easier cleanup of spills on the floor that occurs during meetings or programs.  Installation of the LVT has been completed.

The Norament rubber flooring planned for the service desk area has not yet been installed. 

Work has been done redoing the front sidewalk and entry area and repaving the driveway and portions of the parking lot.  There are also plans to repair the column stonework in front of the branch.

Sidewalk to the side of front entrance of library
Sidewalk to the side of front entrance of library

Sidewalk at front entrance of Quince Orchard Library
Sidewalk at front entrance of Quince Orchard Library

The new book drop has been ordered.  This book drop will be ADA compliant and will prevent moisture from damaging the books, which occasionally happened with the old book drop.

New Kingsley book drop has been ordered
New Kingsley book drop has been ordered
We have been receiving a large number of questions from the community concerning when the library will reopen. The current estimate is that construction will be completed by the end of October and the furniture delivered and installed in November.  Staff will then return to the library to restock the shelves and set up the service desks.  We hope to reopen the building in December 2017.

Please read this blog for updates on the schedule and check the MCPL website for the announcement of the library's grand reopening date. Our staff are anxious to be back at Quince Orchard serving all of you from a renewed facility of which the community can be proud.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Paint, Doorways, and More!

Since the last update, the wall behind the new adjustable Information and Circulation Desks has received a coat of bright, deep blue paint. Colors have been selected for the motorized blinds, and painting continues throughout the library.
blue wall with shelves in front of it and bare floor
New Circulation Desk Area with Back Wall
With funding being obtained in a generous donation from the Quince Orchard Library Friends to help refurbish and redesign the staff workroom, the workroom has been emptied in anticipation of the work to begin there. Over 300 boxes of materials and all of the staff workstations and furniture have been removed. In addition to new staff workstations and furniture, new carpet will be put down and the whole room will be painted. The location of the workstations will be changed through the redesign to make work and staff cooperative efforts much more efficient.

Large empty room with a few desks and carts around side
Workroom has been emptied
Doorframes for a new storage closet and the relocated Discovery Room were received and installed. The storage closet will house Go! Kits when the branch reopens. Both the Discovery Room and Go! Kits are great resources for caregivers and children.

Wall with open door in it
New doorway for Discovery Room

Open doorway in a white wall.
Doorway for new storage closet to house Go! Kits

Friday, July 7, 2017

Preparing to Carpet the Branch

Trenching in the floor of Quince Orchard Library for the new service desks.
Trenching for new service desks
Customers will experience new and improved signage when the branch reopens in the fall. The old neon signs over the information and circulation desks have been removed and the outlets capped.

The branch will have new carpeting throughout. As part of this process, all of the floors have been stripped of the old carpeting. The public areas requiring trenching have been wired and are ready for concrete to be poured. Once the concrete is poured and dry, recarpeting of the branch can begin to take place.

The public restrooms will be completely redone and will be ADA compliant. At this point, the men’s and women’s restrooms have been completely gutted and outfitted with new wallboard and pipes for connecting the new fixtures. Plumbing has been relocated consistent with the locations of the new fixtures that will be installed. 

We will have new height-adjustable circulation and information desks (the information desk has been moved beside the circulation desk to allow the provision of more efficient service for customers). 
Orange accent, window alcove area
Orange accented teen alcove

The entire branch will receive a new coat of paint. Painting of the main library has begun, with blue, red, orange and yellow accented areas added to the Discovery Room, the window/alcove areas, and in the quiet study room.

Several lounge areas will be established.  Electrical outlets will be added to areas where people sit. This includes the curved windows at the front of the branch where lounge chairs will now be placed and in a new lounge area created in the area formerly occupied by our old information desk.

Customers will enjoy the convenience of motorized blinds at the front picture windows and in our meeting room. Motorized blinds will replace the current manually operated blinds on the front windows. These will be adjusted by staff remotely.  Similar motorized blinds (with translucent and black-out shades) will be added to the meeting room, along with a motorized room divider operated by switches on both sides of the divided room.

For those needing a quiet place to study, our library quiet room will be completely redesigned. It has been emptied of all of the old carrels, which will be replaced by study tables and comfortable chairs.

For those with accessibility challenges, the branch has added a new Assistive Technology Workstation. The branch ATW station, along with the catalog-only PCs, will be located closer to the new information desk to permit more effective customer assistance by staff.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Quince Orchard Library Refresh: Progress to Date

Interior of Quince Orchard library before renovation preparation begins
QO before renovation preparations.
The refresh of the Quince Orchard branch is well underway.  All of the furniture which will be replaced and the old service desks have been removed.  Carpeting throughout the library has been torn up and will be replaced with new carpeting.

In the library’s meeting room, manual blinds will be replaced with motorized versions and a new motorized room divider will be installed where the current manual divider exists.

Most of the collection will remain in the branch, but is wrapped in plastic to protect it from dust.

Trenching is being done in the exposed concrete floors so that new cabling and electrical wiring can be installed to run the relocated computer workstations, the new adjustable height service desks, and other enhancements.

Interior of Quince Orchard Library after renovation preparation begins, such as plastic covering on bookshelves.
The preparation begins!
In addition to the above, other changes that are underway (or will be soon) include the complete gutting and renovation of the public restrooms, the addition of more electrical outlets where new seating will be located, and the installation of new tile flooring in the meeting room and the Discovery Room.

New lounge furniture has been ordered for the area at the front of the building where the information desk was previously located.  A new ATW (Assistive Technology Workstation) will replace the ADA workstation.

So, when the Quince Orchard branch reopens in the fall, we anticipate welcoming our customers back to a bright, clean facility with many improvements to the branch and its ease of use.

Slide show of the pre-refresh interior of Quince Orchard

Friday, April 28, 2017

Relocation of Adult Programs During the "Refresh"

While the closing of Quince Orchard Library on April 15, 2017 so the branch can be refershed, some adult programs at the branch will relocate temporarily to another location. Please join us at the new location. These programs will return to the branch when the library reopens in the fall.

North Potomac Community Center
13850 Travilah Rd., Rockville, MD 20850

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church,
11900 Darnestown Rd., Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Rockville Memorial Library
21 Maryland Ave., Rockville, MD 20850

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Quince Orchard Library Temporary Closing Frequently Asked Questions

When will the library close?
The Quince Orchard Library will temporarily close for a "refresh" project on
Saturday, April 15, 2017 at 6 pm. The branch will be closed for approximately six months.

Can I place a hold with a Quince Orchard pick up location?
Holds with a Quince Orchard pick up location may no longer be placed. The final day to place such a hold was Saturday, March 25, 2017.

What is the last day I can pick up holds?
April 15, 2017 is the last day to pick up holds from the Quince Orchard Library. After April 15 holds must be picked up from other branches in Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL). After April 15, library staff will call customers who have not picked up their holds to request the customer designate an alternate branch where the hold will be sent for pickup.

What is the last day to return materials via the Bookdrop?
April 27, 2017 is the last day the book drop will be available for returns at the Quince Orchard Library.

When will the refresh construction begin?
Physical construction will begin on May 1, 2017.

When will the library reopen?
The Quince Orchard Library is scheduled to reopen in Fall 2017.

What libraries are nearby?
Gaithersburg, Rockville Memorial, Germantown, Potomac and Poolesville Libraries are nearby branches where customers will be able to receive service while Quince Orchard Library is closed. Customers can also choose any of the branches in Montgomery County Public Libraries.

*Stay tuned to the Quince Orchard Library Blog for updates on the construction and progress reports for our beautiful library!*

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Montgomery County Public Libraries’ Quince Orchard and White Oak Branches to Close for Refresh Projects

quince orchard with MCPL refreshed logo Montgomery County Public Libraries has announced the closing dates for the Quince Orchard and White Oak branches refresh projects.

The Quince Orchard and the White Oak branches will close on Saturday, April 15, at 6 p.m.; they will be open that last day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  Both branches will be closed for approximately six months so the facilities can be refreshed.

“Physical construction for the refresh projects at Quince Orchard and White Oak will begin in May, but we are closing two weeks ahead of the construction start date to complete the internal reorganization of collections and shelving, and the packing up of materials, service desks, and other spaces,” noted Library Director Parker Hamilton.    “We look forward to welcoming Quince Orchard and White Oak customers back to their branches in the fall of 2017, and hope they will visit nearby branches and our 24/7 website while their facilities are undergoing the refresh process.”

Please check the web page for Quince Orchard or White Oak in April
for additional information about the closing, including the last date for book returns in the book drop.

A “refresh” project gives library buildings significant and timely updates without having to close for the amount of time it takes for a full renovation. The Library Refurbishment CIP funds programmatic and service impact updates to two to three libraries every year.Partial funding for both the Quince Orchard and White Oak projects was provided by the County Library Capital Grant Program, Maryland State Department of Education, Division of Library Development and Services.

Read the original press release.